Rivers’ cross photography


Mother Nature is a master artist, painter, sculptor and the most experienced of us all.  I am, as a photographer, here to be her advocate and give voice and sight to the beauty that has been placed before me.  I am not the creator.  I am simply, an instrument.  I work for mother nature as my camera works for me.  Together we will help you see.

I’ve continued to live and grow in a world where, with the advancements of digital photography, “photographers” are a dime a dozen.  I hope that I will always have something special that makes people stop, think and wonder.

I started out taking photographs about 17 years ago during my senior year of high school.  I was dabbling in darkroom technique and using an old Minolta SRT-202.  It was a gift from my dad.  I still own it but it is now out of commission.  I have moved on to a Nikon D-200 and MacBook Pro.  The means are different but my heart and technique remain the same. 

After high school I moved on to graduating from college with an associates  degree in Photojournalism from RCC in Asheboro, NC.  That lead me to working for a couple newspapers and doing some freelance magazine and newspaper work.  I also do some portraits on the side.  When people ask me what I like taking photographs of I always tell them anything that makes you wonder what it is exactly that you are looking at. 

I’ve traveled through a lot of Europe and about 1/3 of the continental United States.  I feel as though my purpose is to record the subtle beauty in the world wether it be man made or nature made.  It is my life’s work so therefore it is a work in progress.  As long as I am breathing my camera is clicking.

So far on this website are newer pix I have taken.  I hope to have time soon to put up some of my older stuff.  I’m sure it will be a work in progress for quite some time. 


A culmination of 17 years of experimentation

“My photography is a window through my mind’s eye. 

It is a means of giving speech to my soul.”